Hey, I'm Shane, 

I've been a dedicated bowhunter for the last 9 years, hunting everything from deer, pig, rabbit and foxes. 

I know first hand what  its like be so close to success on a hunt, for it to go pear shaped because of unreliable arrows/equipment. 

Back in 2017 I was fed up with the less than average service I was experiencing in the local archery industry, in particular the inconsistent arrow quality.

So I set out to create something better.... And bow hunters domain was born... in particular the BHD Eliminator arrow shaft. 

The Eliminator is designed specifically for the hunting enthusiast. 

I also specialise in bow set ups, tuning, string making, coaching/ form correction and recently added NSW R license certifying to my offerings. 

One of the biggest trends I've noticed within the archery community, is people tend to spend big on their bow and accessories but they skimp on quality when it comes to their arrows, which in turn defeats the purpose of owning a quality bow.

We are located on the Northside of Brisbane, give me a buzz on 0420216090 to book in a time to come visit. 

NOTE: We are home based shop so bookings are essential.